SV10 V/A Supervision Collectives pt.1 

Guido Nemola, Josef Lupo, Richkus, Ed Menzo, Herr Spiegelhauer, Rephlex



Time for a new Various Artist project for digital Release.


Supervision Collectives invites friends and talented producers to show up distinctive House-Sound for the DJ Environment.


V/A Supervision Collectives pt.1 with Deep and Tech House written by

 1. Ed Menzo - Visions (Original Mix)

 2. Rephlex - Illusions (Original Mix)

 3. Richkus - Lila (Original Mix)

 4. Guido Nemola - Give it to Me (Original Mix)

 5. Josef Lupo - Void (Original Mix)

 6. Herr Spiegelhauer - Internal Desires (Original Mix)





Releasedates // Traxsource June/17th/2016

                             Official       July/1st/2016

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